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Les cinq pôles de recherche du LS2N

Systems Design and Operation

As the design of an industrial system is closely linked to the definition of its control system, the « systems design and operation » topic is associated with automation, production management, industrial engineering as well as embedded and real-time systems. [...]

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Robotics, Processes and Calculation

Robots have become increasingly autonomous, interacting more and more with humans and their environment. Their future is being built according to society's and industry's expectations. This topic deals with action, perception and control as well as decision algorithms and increasingly intuitive software interfaces. [...]

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Data Science and Decision-making

Faced with ever increasing data volumetrics and their increasing complexity, classification models and research algorithms are at the heart of the « Data Science and Decision-Making » topic. [...]

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Signals, Images, Ergonomics and Languages

This topic covers the disciplines relating to signals, images, sounds, languages, written text, physiological measures and human factors. [...]

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Software and Distributed Systems Science

Based on the tremendous growth in the number and complexity of computers (objects connected to data centers) and the migration from centralized systems to distributed systems, this topic focuses particularly on programming, software and systems engineering. [...]

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